Mundo-Power Ltd. was incorporated in December 2016 to finance and own Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) for Telecom, Mines, and Remote communities. 

Kelso Energy Ltd. with their Vertical Axis Wind Turbine has the solution for telecom, mines and remote communities to drastically cut fuel costs.

Mundo-Power Ltd. has exclusive agreements with Kelso Energy Ltd. for any opportunities that are presented to Kelso.

Products and Services

  1. PPA's (Power Purchase Agreements) ;  Mundo is willing to quote anywhere in the world to companies, countries, individuals and Partnerships.
  2. Kelso Vertical Axis Wind  Turbines 
  3. Kelso towers
  4. Solar panels and racking
  5. Solar tracker
  6. Batteries
  7. Energy storage
  8. Back-up generators, diesel, gasoline or hydrogen

Turbine Installation & Tower options

Recent Turbine Installation

 Here is a turbine we just installed in South Saskatchewan , just click to view. Producing power immediately. Feel free to share! 

Tower Options

Just click to view tower options: 

Hydraulic Tilt Tower

Hydraulic Tilt Tower - raise and lower-just click to view!                                                   

Contact Us

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